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The Bucks County Workforce Development Board, Inc. will endorse Regional High Priority Occupation (HPO) applications submitted by local economic development and/or local educational institutions if documented evidence is provided that the employment position/occupation meets the HPO criteria and will therefore benefit the continued and new economic and workforce development and growth in Bucks County.

  • A HPO is a specific occupation that is in demand by local employers, has a documented career path, and provides family sustaining wages.
  • The Commonwealth’s self-sustaining wage for the HPO list will be used by the BCWDB; this wage is $32,674 for one adult/one child. Please note: For the HPO petitioning process for 2015-2016 this wage rate will be determined at a local level specifically for Bucks County .
  • The petition process allows the Commonwealth to include specific occupations in Bucks County demonstrating new economic growth, emerging occupations, or a regional industry cluster need.
  • The HPO Application must include a minimum of three letters from different local employers. The petitioner must prove the existence of an aggregated 75 openings for each year of the next five years via the employer letters. Each letter must be for a specific occupation. Please closely review the attached sample letter; the letter may be tweaked – but must include the red-font information.

The BCWDB will not endorse petitions that do not meet the standards.

Petitions must include:

  1. The Regional High Priority Occupation Application. Please note: Each section must be completed, including the “Justifications” section if the petition is for New Job Growth.
  2. A letter from the petitioner describing the occupation and the local need for training in this specific occupation.
  3. A flow chart of the typical career ladder for the occupation.
  4. Documentation establishing the salary for the occupation (i.e. Documentation from the Hourly Wage Occupational Employment Statistics.)
  5. Three independent letters from local employers which clearly articulate: The occupation, the projected/anticipated openings each year for the next five years, the fact that the occupation offers both family-sustaining wages and opportunity for growth. The letters must be included with the total petition packet. Please do not have the employers submit their letters directly to the BCWDB. It is the petitioner’s responsibility to collect the letters and include the original letters with the total petition packet.

High Priority Occupation Information

To view the High Priority Occupation (HPO) Policy click here.

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