Youth Council

Bucks County Youth Council Vision Statement

Enable youth to become employable citizens.

Bucks County Youth Council Process Statement

“The Bucks County Youth Council is committed to creating an integrated system of communication, activities, and partnerships resulting in local and regional youth services providers’ exchange of ideas and alignment of strategic goals in the service of the current needs of Bucks County youth.”

Bucks County Youth Council

The Youth Council achieves its goals through its enabling strategies of:

  • Working toward the integrated alignment of a triad-approach of providing workforce skills development, academic achievement, and leadership skills enrichment to our Out-of-School Youth,
  • Forming collaborative unions with local and regional providers of youth programming to leverage time, talents and expertise of all providers,
  • Designing systems of communication to effectively disseminate information on youth programs’ resources and opportunities to the community-at-large (including High Priority Industries, School Districts, and Community Based Organizations)
  • Determining gaps in services and skills in youth in our community,
  • Committing our resources to the continuous and targeted resolution of such identified gaps.

Eligibility criteria may apply to certain programs funded by the BC-WDB, Inc.

Youth Council and the Workforce Investment Board
The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 established a workforce investment system designed to be a collaboration among community agencies and private sector enterprises and created local workforce investment boards to oversee the system. Additionally, WIA legislation charges the WIB with policy making and governance of workforce investment and development activities to ensure that public investments are locally driven.

WIA mandates each local workforce investment board to have a Youth Council- along with other workforce development committees- to have a voice in each aspect of workforce development in the local area. The Youth Council represents the voice of the local youth.

Bucks County Youth Council Meeting Schedule
  • May 22, 2014 at 9 am – Middle Bucks Institute of Technology – 2740 Old York Rd., Jamison
The Bucks County Youth Council Newsletter
PA CareerLink Bucks County Youth Center Requests Career Mentors

Remember the person who encouraged you along your journey to adulthood? Do you desire to be that person for someone else? Here is your opportunity!

The PA CareerLink Bucks County Youth Center is requesting volunteers to become Career Mentors. Click the link below to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Youth Council Summit Press Release
TANF Summer Camps

Click on the links below to see the flyer for each of the three summer camps:


PA CareerLink Bucks County Youth Center

1260 Veterans Highway

Bristol, PA 19007

Phone: 215-781-1073

Fax: 215-781-1086

The PA CareerLink Bucks County Youth Center serves youth of Bucks County, ages 16 to 21. Services are integrated by using a 3-track approach that includes Academic Achievement, Workforce Development, and Youth Development.

Academic Achievement, Arbor Education & Training:

  • Remedial education & GED Preparation
  • Post-Secondary Education Assistance
  • Customer Service Certification

The 2013 GED Graduation will be held in June at the Bucks County Community College, Bristol Campus. The graduation is co-sponsored by the Bucks County Community College and Bucks County Workforce Investment Board, Inc.

For more information on GED testing guidelines in Bucks County go to:

Workforce Development, Arbor Education & Training:

  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Employability Skills Training
  • Customer Service Certification
  • Follow-Up Services

Youth Development, Arbor Education & Training

  • Decision Making Training
  • Service Learning
  • Mentoring

Job Club is held once a month in the PA CareerLink Bucks County Youth Center. The Job Club is open to former and current youth participants. Each month there is a new topic to discuss and learn about!


Most Valuable Partnership Award Winner!

Bucks County Youth Council 5th Annual Breakfast –

Recoginizing Outstanding Youth Partnerships –

MVP Award Winner: Jeff Smith, J.A. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning

The Bucks County Workforce Investment Board and Bucks County Youth Council acknowledged valuable youth partnerships at the 5th Annual Youth Council Breakfast held at the Bucks County Technical High School, Fairless Hills on August 29, 2012. The event highlighted the year in review of workforce development for Bucks County Youth.

The Bucks County Workforce Investment Board in collaboration with the Bucks County Youth Council recognized partnerships that have gone above and beyond to bring innovativeness and support to career education. Each year, a Most Valuable Partnership Award is presented to a nominated partner who has given their time and effort to create long-term potential career education goals for the future workforce. This year’s Most Valuable Partnership Award was awarded to Jeff Smith, J.A. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning, Warminster, PA. Jeff Smith was nominated by Middle Bucks Institute of Technology for his constant support on the Occupational Advisory Committee, internship opportunities for students, assistance in curriculum planning, and has donated, not only his time, but equipment to the school as well.


WIB 180- Helping Bucks County Youth Turn It Around

WIB 180- Together, we can turn it around, for one kid, for your business, and for Bucks County!

Employers can choose from any of the five levels of committment, which include:

  • Job Shadowing
  • Mentoring
  • Internships
  • On-the-Job Training Opportunities
  • Employment

Youth can join the initiative by visiting the WIB 180 website at

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