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You need highly skilled workers.  We can help.

1. Industry Partnerships

We work to bring together multiple employers in the same industry sector to address common, overlapping human capital needs.  Training funds for your current workforce may be available; candidate assessment and talent recruitment for your new workers is available.

Manufacturing Alliance of Bucks & Montgomery Counties
Contact:  Mark Solis,, 215-781-1073 x2220

AgConnect Agriculture Partnership
Contact:  Jessica Peterson,, 215-781-1073 x2203

Southeastern PA HealthCare
Contact: Jessica Peterson,, 215-781-1073 x2203

Smart Energy Initiative (SEI) Energy Partnership
Contact: Mark Solis,, 215-781-1073 x2220

2. Talent Acquisition

Candidate Search

  • PreScreening Applicants
  • Skills/Qualifications Matching your opening and the right candidate
  • PA CareerLink® Business Services – Representative managing your on-line business folder to tailor recruitment and referrals.

Assessment Services

  • Comprehensive assessment and matching services including WorkKeys®.
  • WorkKeys® is a nationally recognized hiring  tool measuring “real world” skills across nine areas critical to job success:
    • Applied Mathematics
    • Applied Technology
    • Workplace Observation
    • Locating Information
    • Business Writing
    • Teamwork
    • Reading for Information
    • Listening
    • Writing

Contact Jessica Peterson,, 215-781-1073 x2203

3. On the Job Training (OJT)

Reduce the costs associated with training new employees!

  • Train your new employee for the skills needed to perform a specific job.
  • Salary costs are reimbursed to you monthly. OJT reimburses up to 50% of wages.
  • Maximum training period per new hire is 6 month; average training is 3-4 months.
  • Maximum reimbursement per employee equals $8,500.

Contact Jessica Peterson,, 215-781-1073 x2203

4. Grant Opportunities for Employers

We have several grants for employers to assist with funding for on-the-job-training, customized training programs, and industry certifications.  These grants are designed to match employers and professionals in the Bio-Tech/Healthcare fields, Business and IT fields, and manufacturing careers at all levels.   Click on our link below to see what grant may benefit your organization and contact one of our representatives above for additional information.